Catori Life

{PRE-ORDER} Illumination Earrings

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Lovely triple triangle earrings made in bronze.

  • by Catori Life
  • measurement: 2 1/2 inches from hook base
  • 14kt gold fill ear wires

•••S Y M B O L I S M •••

"… triangles were conceived by the ancients to explain the secret order of the cosmos”

►►► The upward pointing triangle is the alchemical symbol for fire. One of the four classical elements, fire symbolizes the “fiery” emotions- love, passion, compassion and empathy as well as spiritual aspiration- those actions of intent which bring us closer to the divine. Fire is represented in numerous cultures as the triangle, symbolizing rising force.

►►► All the mystic teachings incorporate the power of three within their folds. Three represents the union of the numbers prior to it (one and two). Numerologically speaking, if one represents force, and two represents an opening, then three is the birthing of true wisdom.

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