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One of the best aspects of our job is discovering new products by rad artists.
I practically leaped out of my chair when I came across Portland based
Stonedware Company. Artist Ariel Zimman's creations of smoking wares for the "aesthetically inclined" were exactly the sort of unique, must-have local
crafted treasures I was hoping to find & stock here at Rove. Nailed it!

22k gold {bling bling!} | my personal favorite xx

"Born out of a ladies love for badassness. And diamonds. 💎
Stonedware Company (artist Ariel Zimman of RELM Studios) creates
design centric smoking wares for the aesthetically inclined. 

{Ariel Zimman + her 4-legged love}
At home on your coffee table or book shelf, items like the Geopipe
are made for display. In addition, each piece is designed with ergonomics
in mind, making the shapes fit and feel good in the palm of your hand. 
Each ware is individually crafted from porcelain and finished using
food safe glaze. All gold is 22K. No filler here."

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